FFP2 Washable Mask
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White comfort edition – £19.98+VAT per pack

  • German Designed.
  • Reusable and Washable.
  • FFP2 equivalent Nano Silver Oral Nose Protection 2-Pack.
Is FFP2 face mask reusable/washable?
The FFP2 equivalent washable (white or black) reusable 3-layer antibacterial mask is excellent value for money as it can be reused up to 30 times. There are 2 x antibacterial washable protective masks in one pack. They are super comfortable face fitting filtering protection masks that adapt easily to all face shapes and sizes.

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Nano Silver washable face mask have a filtering middle layer which when tested achieved the FFP2 minimum requirement of 94% filtration.

Constructed from 3 layers of Nano silver fabric, the mask prevents particles from entering the body through the mucous membranes of the mouth and nostrils. They offer superb protection against dust, mist, and other airborne particles, including Influenza and Coronavirus.

These CE approved reusable face masks are light weight and comfortable and are shaped to your face. With toggles around the ear loops and an adjustable nose bar, you can ensure a tight comfortable fit.

Constructed from a dense cotton outer layer, available in black or white with optional company logo embroidery. Integrated Nano Silver fibre technology in the middle layer, offering superior filtering and protection, and a comfortable antiviral inner layer where the concentration of micro-organisms is up to 100 times lower than that of normal cotton.

Features include:

· Prevents airborne particles from entering the body

· High filter mask

· Lightweight and comfortable

· Adjustable

· Protection against dust, mist and airborne viruses

· CE Marked

· Certified to EN 149:2001 and A1:2009

· Non-valved

· Contoured

· Washable and reusable

· 94% filtration rate

· All day comfort

· Recommended by WHO and ECDC.

Nano Silver Oral Nose Protection 2-Pack.

The FFP2 equivalent washable (white or black) reusable 3-layer antibacterial mask is excellent value for money as it can be reused up to 30 times. There are 2 x antibacterial washable protective masks in each pack so when one is being worn the 2nd can be cleaned. A leading mask for a Superior comfort and filtering protection that adapt easily to all face shapes and sizes.

Contains 3 layers of fabric with special properties:

Filter protection class: FFP2:

Outer layer:
High-density cotton fabric, suitable for all ages.
Middle layer:

Integrated, exclusive antiviral nano-silver fibers.

The silver nano technology acts as a safety filter and eliminates microorganisms that pass through the outer layer of the mask.

Inner layer / skin contact layer:

The antiviral knitwear is soft, airy and breathable. The concentration of microorganisms on the knitting layer about 100 times lower than with traditional fabric.

This excellent property is retained even after more than 30 washes.

After each use, it is recommended to clean the mouth and nose protection by hand.
Using hot water between 40”C – 60”C and leave to soak for 10 minutes (small amount of detergent can be added).
Gently rub the garment 2 – 3 times to ensure all dirt is removed.
Rinse the garment in clean water and hang to dry.
Iron the outer layer with a low heat.
If washed by machine this may reduce the efficiency of the nano silver protective inner layer and may not reach the 30 washes. 


What kind of mask is recommended to prevent Covid-19 transmission?
FFP2 and certified 3-layer fabric masks are recommended by experts worldwide. During the current pandemic, the World Health Organisation (WHO) have recommended the use of filtering face pieces, protection level 2 (+94% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the Health and Safety Executive and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) have conducted a rapid review of the guidance which concluded masks that offer FFP2 level protection when assessing a suspected case or dealing with a confirmed case of Covid-19 are highly effective.
Are face coverings effective against Coronavirus?
Yes. Certified face coverings and filtering face protection are one of the most effective ways of protecting you and others as they provide protection around the mouth and nasal passage where it is thought the virus is most commonly contracted through.  It will also help reduce the spread by containing droplets that may be carrying the virus. In most places now, it is mandatory that face masks be worn. Some experts are now recommending the use of masks when outdoors too. It is extremely important that you wear your mask correctly, follow manufactures recommendations of cleaning them and disposing of them safely.
Can I wear masks with exhalations valve during Covid-19?
Test have proven that masks that have an exhalation valve are not as effective as ones without. The valve breaks the wall/protection of the mask and provides a clear passage for airborne particles to travel in and out of the mask.
What does FFP mean?
FFP definition is Face filtering Protection
What is FFP2 protection level?
FFP2 is a face filtering Protection level 2 offering at least 94% bacterial filtration efficiency.

What is the difference between FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3?
There are 3 different levels of filtration…FFP1, FFP2 & FFP3:-

  • Level 1 filters airborne particles up to 93%
  • Level 2 filters airborne particles between 94% – 96%
  • Level 3 filers airborne particles from 97% – 99%
What does a Facemask protect?
The purpose of facemasks is to prevent airborne bacteria entering the body through your mouth and nasal area and to reduce the spread to others.

What is the difference between the Nano Silver standard mask and Comfort Edition?
The comfort Edition mask has a toggle on each elasticated ear loop providing a more personalised fit for around the facial area.

The material used is a slightly higher grade of softer cotton.

The cut of the mask is slighter more refined for the shape of the face.

What is FFP2 equivalent?
The Nano Silver facemask filers 94% of airborne particles which is the equivalent level of an FFP2 NR mask.
Why is FFP2 not shown on the mask?
Once the mask is provided to the consumer, we cannot police how many times the mask is washed and worn, if the mask is washed more than the recommend amount of times, the mask will no longer provide 94% level of protection.
Are the Nano Silver masks CE certified?
Yes. The Nano Silver masks are certified by QSA International and can be tracked on their website.
Can I wear the same reusable Nano Silver mask more than once a day?
No. You should always wear a clean mask for each event or task you undertake throughout your day where face coverings are mandatory. The front of your mask may be contaminated by airborne bacteria and you could then unknowingly spread bacteria to other destinations by wearing the same mask.

How often should I wash my mask?
You should wash your Nano Silver mask after every use.

You should use your washable mask in the same way you would use a disposable mask but instead of throwing It away, you should wash as per manufacturers recommendations which are shown on the packaging.

What happens if I put my mask in the washing machine?
The more intense the wash, the quicker the middle layer protection material loses its filtering value meaning the mask would stop filtering 94% after approximately 10 – 12 washes.
What happens if I wash my mask more than 30 times?
If you exceed the manufacturers recommend number of washes, the mask would no longer offer 94% filtration of airborne bacteria severely reducing the level of protection.
Why is the inner layer of material white?
The inner layer of the Nano Silver mask is white as it provides a easy way to view marks. It is a clear sign that you need to wash your mask when he inner layer becomes marked.
Where are the masks made?
The masks were designed in Germany and manufactured in Vietnam.
Can I wash my disposable mask?
No. A disposable should always be disposed of safely after each use.
Do FFP2 masks need face fitting?
If you are a professional person that wears a FFP2 disposable mask on a regular occasion, a face fitted FFP2 mask would still be required. Members of the public are less inclined to have a face fitted mask. You can only wear a fitted mask if it is fitted by a trained or qualified person.
How do I dispose of masks?
When you have finished with your mask, place in a sealed bag and put it into a bin. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after you touch you mask.